Back Office Trader Performance

This information is for the “Back Office Trader” short term trading system

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I don’t believe we should over-complicate trading. Years ago when there were a lot fewer traders it was important to develop your own trading style and system, including choosing the right technical indicators to use. That’s all gone. Now that there are hundreds of thousands of traders we simply can’t beat them all, but because they are all looking at the same information and in most cases coming to the same conclusions on which stocks to buy or sell, they then create breakouts and trends. The Back Office Trader system identifies and captures these breakouts and trends and then we simply follow them. We follow the trend until it reverses and then we close the positions. This concept is not new, it’s been known and used since the 1960’s and before. We must accept a lot of small losses and cut them short. We must then let our profits run and run until the trend reverses direction. We won’t be right all the time, but if we are right even 50% of the time and cut our losses short and let our profits run we would make very good net profits. ( Incidentally, many traders actually do the reverse, they cut profits short and let losers run, this is a big mistake ).

A database has been developed to manage the data and provide the triggers for when to open or close a position.

 Performance Summary

Average monthly returns since 2017 while developing the database system and back testing has been 15.5% the new revised live database system has been fully operational since January 1, 2019 ( we expect higher monthly returns with this revised database )

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