Back Office Trader - Short Term Trading

Current Open Positions – Short Term – (monthly target = 10%)

Updated Nov 12, 2019 – 8:30 AM (GMT – UK Time)

Hold your positions with conviction, be disciplined and only close when the signals are triggered

Open positions for only a few days are commonly at a loss, but most will recover to be profitable, be patient ( 0 = opened today )

Reminder : The deposit value is a maximum of 5% of your total fund value for each trade, so the “Profit % of Deposit” is actually only a small percentage of your 5% bet, this in not the percentage of your total fund value

Stop Loss Trigger Points are updated each morning, remember to update these in your actual open positions

Percent Per Sector – ( Preferred maximum 25% per sector)


Opened Positions – Today – (if blank then none)

Closed Positions – Today – (if blank then none)


Current Year Performance

Current Year Compounding Summary


Select “Back Office Trader – Rules” from the “The Rules” tab for further details.

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