Mentoring is a key part of the Back Office Investor platform, you won’t be left stranded or confused, asking questions while you learn will ensure you avoid most beginner mistakes.

This unique investment platform will teach you everything you need to know to invest with confidence and includes mentoring.

These are the benefits and what you will learn :

The Benefits:
• All the investment rules and data in one place
• Learn how to invest with confidence
• Access to training videos
• Access to training and educational material
• Create your own watch list and portfolio and see performance reports
• Buy and sell triggers provided daily
• No advertisements or affiliate companies, just Back Office Investor

What you will learn:
• How to understand the fundamental data
• How to read and understand charts
• How the stock market works
• Which books to read
• Important websites to visit
• Which broker to use
• Understanding the risks
• What to watch out for

Please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions or concerns about the Back Office Investor system.