Weekly Report May 11, 2019

Back Office Investor ( BOI ) – A unique complete long term investing system for all levels of investors.

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Please find the following weekly report, these weekly reports should provide you with a good overview of the stock market and Back Office Investor, we try to keep emails to a minimum, so hopefully this weekly report combined with the morning reports will keep you informed on what action to take.

2019 has started well, with all tracked indexes in positive territory year to date.

Please remember the main Back Office Investor Rules:

1. Learn the rules of investing before you start risking your hard earned cash.
2. Decided and stick to your buy and sell rules.
3. Never spend more than 5% of your total fund value on one stock ( this is good risk management ).
4. Diversify your portfolio with a mix of sectors.
5. Know when you are getting out of an investment before you get in.
6. Cut your losses short and let your profits run, ( losses are unavoidable, accept them and keep them small ).
7. Don’t add to losing trades, let them go if the sell trigger has been reached.
8. Ensure you can perform your own due diligence.
9. Don’t trade on market sentiment.
10. Keep your emotions out of investing.
11. Be very disciplined in your investing approach, adhere to your investing rules ( don’t keep changing the rules due to changing market conditions ).
12. Be patient at all times, you don’t need to invest every day.
13. Avoid listening and especially reacting to the noise. News, commentary and opinions are everywhere 24/7, much of this is noise and should avoided, if an investing system is in place then we don’t need the noise.

We believe market conditions and investor sentiment is always changing, it is never constant, the news ( noise ) is driving the direction of the markets in both up and down directions every day, we need to remain focused on the rules that we follow and be prepared to take action once the triggers have been generated, we must keep emotions out of investing, when the triggers are hit then we take action, if a correction occurs ( correction = 10% to 15% fall ) we will see it, if the triggers are hit we will notify members, in a correction almost all stocks will fall but they will not all fall enough to generate a sell trigger, this is why it’s so important to adhere to the rules and not panic sell with the herd.

Back Office Investor are monitoring 7,500 stocks each day and publish the buy and sell results every morning ( Monday to Friday ), we use a combination of algorithms, technical indicators, fundamental data and trending analysis to generate these buy and sell reports, please don’t under estimate the power of our investing system, this has been developed over the past 11 years and has averaged yearly returns of 15% ( excludes dividends ). yearly target is 15%, a portfolio will double in value every 5 years at this 15% return due to the power of compounding.

As we know, many people still have day jobs while investing and don’t have the time or even want to look at monitors all day and track market conditions, with BOI you won’t need to give up your day job as we are watching the markets on your behalf.

We don’t believe in drowning you in data and information that’s not helpful, this is a difficult balance as some people like lots of information and some don’t really want very much, we are determined to develop a weekly report that provides useful information and enables members to feel confident in their holdings and investing decisions.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at colindtill@backofficeinvestor.com with comments or suggestions for adding other important information to this weekly report.

Thank you.


Colin D Till.
Founder & CEO





Zero current open positions, this does happen from time to time, but we will open new positions again within the next few days