Weekly Report May 16, 2020

The Coronavirus is terrible news for peoples lives, the global economy and for the markets which have been tumbling. We remain very confident in our trading system and will only sell when the signals are reached, our portfolio is strong and a recovery will come. This is not a time for panic but a time for strict adherence to our rules.

Keep your emotions out of investing, they won’t help you!, don’t change the rules just because of a short term drawdown or loss, profits will come if you stick with it.

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Proprietary software – 1.5 million bits of data compiled to provide buy and sell triggers

Long Term – Current Portfolio

5 Year Performance of long term portfolio


Five Year Percentage Stocks Up

 Back Office Investor Portfolio – Average stocks held = 30

UK – Total UK companies in database = 2,126

USA – Total USA companies in database = 6,098


One Year Index Performance


VIX – CBOE Volatility Index