Weekly Report Nov 01, 2020

A Long Term Investing Strategy For Busy People

FREE Portfolio Report to Subscribers

Subscribers (excludes free trial users) can receive a free fundamental charts report of their current portfolio (up to 25 companies) which will include the last sell and buy dates per the BOI rules – offer expires on Dec 1, 2020 (email your portfolio to colindtill@backofficeinvestor.com) allow 5 days for the PDF report to be emailed to you.

(standard charge per company is $6.45 USD or £5.00 GBP)

Please also read this latest blog (in the blog section) this demonstrates the drawdown and recovery summary for the BOI Portfolio

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Please view the triggered buy and sell report by selecting the “Long Term Investor – Current Portfolio” button from the home page) – subscribers only.

The “Market View” tab has been added to the home page, I hope you find this helpful.

Keep your emotions out of investing, they won’t help you!, don’t change the rules just because of a short term drawdown or loss, profits will come if you stick with it.


Click on the image below to view the fundamental charts report for the Back Office Investor Current Portfolio (53 companies)

Click on the image to view the report


Long Term Investing – Performance History


Long Term – Current Portfolio

Portfolio Sector


5 Year Performance of long term portfolio



Five Year Percentage Stocks Up

 Back Office Investor Portfolio РAverage stocks held = 25 (2020 has been very unusual for buy signals)

UK – Total UK companies in database = 1,737

USA – Total USA companies in database = 4,759


Index Performance


VIX – CBOE Volatility Index