How it all started

This is a brief history of how it all started.

Firstly, let me say, there is no such thing as a get rich quick system. (some people might get lucky, but we don’t want to rely on luck).

I had been wanting to learn how to invest in the stock market for many years, but had always felt it was going to be so time consuming and very complicated to learn the skills necessary, Naturally, I also didn’t want to lose any money either.

Then in 2008 I decided it was time to start the process of learning all about the stock market and investing, so that I could finally start investing like all those other investors we keep hearing about on the news and in newspapers and magazines.

My purpose for wanting to learn how to invest in the stock market was not to try and get rich quick, would have been nice though ! it was simply to be able to get better returns on my capital than my pension was getting. I finally realised that I had no control over my pension or the fees I was paying, and so I decided to take control of the situation.

I started searching for everything I could find on the stock market and investing. I started reading some well-known books. I then subscribed to some web-based charting and data collection software companies who were very good, but after a few months I had become very frustrated indeed. There was far too much information about investing and trading, nobody seemed to have actually collated the information and developed a single investing or trading system or style; it was a case of ” here are 5,000 filters – you choose the ones you like ” this didn’t work for me.

There are numerous web-sites that offer investment advice and a choice of 5,000 or more different filters and screening tools to find the best companies to invest in. The problem is the novice and even some experienced investors don’t know which filters or screening tools to use. How would they know ?!. This is why I developed the Back Office Investor website. this site enables you to easily follow my long investments and short term trades.

I then decided the only way I could collect and manage all the data was to develop my own database. Incidentally, I develop business databases for companies.

I then took a selection of the fundamentals, charts and rules that many long term investors and short term traders had been using for over 60 years and combined them with my own views gained from my learning experience of investing and created my own investing system called  “Back Office Investor” and “Back Office Trader”

None of the investing fundamentals in the Back Office Investor website have been developed or invented by me; they are a combination of fundamentals from many different sources which have been established  for over 60 years. Through my many years of learning how to invest in the stock market, and actually investing my own capital. I feel confident in letting others follow my investments and trades.


Colin D Till
Founder & CEO
Back Office Investor Limited

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