Important Websites

These are websites with good information which you may find helpful. (Live TV)

Bloomberg is a very good site for getting a feel for where the market is going. It includes live news and commentary from Asia, Europe and the USA.  Take some of the information with a pinch of salt, but it will give you a good guide to what investors are thinking around the world. It is well worth watching and should be viewed each morning. The stock market opening order is Asia, Europe and then the USA.

Dataroma is a free service and includes good information.

This site enables you to see what super investors (also known as gurus) have been buying and selling, including what is in their current portfolios. These gurus must report their buying and selling activities quarterly and therefore the data can be 3 months old, but it is still good information.

Gurufocus has a free limited access version but it’s not particularly good as there is little information. Their paid subscription service is good.

Even the best fund manages in the world make mistakes, but they don’t make very many mistakes and so their returns are good.

I would suggest only these gurus are followed:

Warren Buffet
Bill Ackman
George Soros ( Soros Fund Management LLC )
Bill Gates ( Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust ).
Mohnish Pabrai ( Pabrai Investment Funds )

Seeking Alpha is a free service and provides news and comments from contributors. Occasionally, there is too much information. Don’t believe everything you read as it’s someone else’s opinion.

Morningstar offers a free and paid subscription service. The free service is good and offers lots of information such as directors and major shareholders, news and events.

Investopedia is a good website for stock market explanations and definitions of the fundamentals.