Ignore these types of correspondence and emails

Once you start investing, it is inevitable sadly that you will start receiving correspondence and emails like these below, please ignore them.

Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true!

We are not speculators, we are long term investors and we only use the Back Office Investor rules!

Do not believe these types of emails. Some of the companies recommended may be great in 10 years’ time,, but we should never take this risk. There are plenty of good companies with good track records to invest in.

This type of message is simply not possible; don’t believe it for one minute.


It will take more than 9 minutes a week to invest for the long term. This simply can’t be achieved; there is no such thing as free money.


You can’t double your money that easily without taking huge risks with your capital. We don’t need to take these huge risks; BOI investors are long term investors. We limit the risks. Select the “Risk” button on the main screen to read more about the risks in investing.

 Is this really 75% 0ff  and why?! Why is it only a money-back guarantee and not simply free to use for a month?, you should not need to pay for a trial – it really should be free.

We don’t invest in companies who are offering an IPO (initial public offering). Do we really think we can actually achieve a 25% to 50% return or a better price for a company’s share before they even go through the IPO? This is simply not possible.