Recommended Brokers

For UK Investors.

Recommended broker for buying and selling UK shares is Hargreaves Lansdown.





Hargreaves Lansdown provide an excellent level of service. They are not the least expensive, but we want to use the best broker and they are exactly that.

They also provide good news stories and daily updates. Please sign up for their daily email news-letters.

Please feel free to look at other brokerage sites. However, you will probably agree that Hargreaves Lansdown do offer the best user-friendly site.

Please sign up for their Daily Market Updates via their website ).





We have no affiliation with Hargreaves Lansdown.

I can assure we receive no commission or any form of payment for recommending Hargreaves Lansdown.

Note: they charge an approximate set fee £ 11.95 per trade, regardless of the value of the trade.


For USA Investors.

Recommended Broker for buying and selling USA shares is TD Ameritrade.

Website is :




TD Ameritrade have been providing investment services for over 40 years, this is a well established professional company.