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Back Office Investor is perfect for busy people who want to invest but don’t have time to follow the markets

Updated Aug 01, 2021 – 11:45 AM (GMT – UK time)

Never risk more than 5% of your total fund value on one investment or trade

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The BOI database monitors a total of 6,496 stocks per day
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 Back Office Investor – Current Portfolio

UK – Total UK companies in database = 1,737

USA – Total USA companies in database = 4,759

BOI considers less than 20% of stocks up for 3 month, 30 day, 7 day and 1 day to be a BOI high volatility state, this is the time to be cautious and watch for your buy and sell signals.

The Benefits of Becoming a Subscriber (also available on the one month free trial)

We are tracking 6,496 company stocks every day. ( UK= 1,737 and USA=4,759)

Daily Update Includes:

All subscribers receive a daily email confirming the website has been updated which includes:

  • Current portfolio and performance history
  • Triggered buys (which stocks to buy)
  • Triggered Sells (which stocks to sell)
  • Percentage of stocks up for BOI portfolio, UK and USA stocks

Weekly Reports Include: 

All subscribers receive an email notification that a new weekly report is available to view:

  • Portfolio performance since website launch date (launch date – Jan 1, 2018)
  • Detailed portfolio list including stocks purchase date and performance
  • Portfolio sector report
  • Percentage of stocks up for BOI portfolio, UK and USA stocks
  • UK, USA and China index performance data
  • VIX performance

About Section:

  • Why and how it all started

Blog Section:

Blogs can be searched via the following groups:

  • All
  • Comment
  • News
  • Performance History
  • Training
  • Weekly Reports

Useful Info Section Includes:

  • Market View
  • Stock Market Explained
  • Glossary
  • Books to Read
  • Money Management and Risk
  • The Power of Compounding
  • Free Portfolio Fundamental Charts Report
  • Watch Out For Scams
  • Trading Broker
  • Important Websites
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy and Cookies

Rules and Principles Section Includes:

  • The Principles
  • Long Term Investing Rules
  • Long Term Stock Picking

Also includes an explanation of the following fundamentals used in BOI Investing

  • Average Daily Volume
  • Fund Limits and Risk
  • Turnover
  • P/E (price to earnings)
  • EPS (earning per share)
  • Pre Tax Profit
  • ROE (return on equity)
  • ROC (return on capital)
  • Debt to Capital Ratio
  • BVPS (book value per share)
  • Free Cash Flow


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Subscribers Free Annual Portfolio Review:

Subscribers (excludes free trail users) receive a free annual “Portfolio Fundamental Charts Report” ) up to 25 companies which will include the last sell and buy dates per the BOI rules (email your portfolio to, allow up to 5 days for the PDF report to be emailed to you.

For non-subscribers the standard charge per company is $6.45 USD or £5.00 GBP)